Get to know Oregon’s forest laws

In this website, you’ll find up-to-date information about many of the laws and regulations governing forest practices on state and private forestlands in Oregon. There are a lot of them, ranging from limits on clearcutting and restrictions on chemical use in forests, to requirements to protect fish and wildlife habitat, and replant trees after logging. And they are often changing.

The state law governing forest management practices on state and private forestlands is known as the Oregon Forest Practices Act (OFPA). The OFPA gives authorization to the Oregon Board of Forestry to create rules that relate to forest management, firefighting, and environmental protections. Here, you’ll find an overview of these regulations.  


Get acquainted with the state regulations collectively known as the Oregon Forest Practices Act and how they have changed over time.

Water and Fish

Many forest-related regulations deal with protections along rivers and streams, which not only provide fish habitat, but are the source for much of our drinking water.


Oregon law often requires planting new trees after logging on state and private forestland. Learn about required timing, density and tree species choices.

Wildlife Habitat

Protecting habitat for the many wild animals that call Oregon’s forests home needs to be considered before, during and after logging operations.


Learn about the limits and requirements around clearcutting, and additional protections for when logging occurs.

Chemical Application

When applying chemicals in the forest, operators must avoid water sources and fish habitat, schools and homes, as well as provide proper notification to nearby neighbors.

Forest Roads

Forest roads need to be engineered and built to avoid or minimize sediment entering any waterways in forested areas, which can diminish drinking water quality and harm fish.

Visual Management

Oregon requires a two-stage plan for cutting down trees along scenic highways to keep roadsides aesthetically pleasing for motorists.

Public Notification

New state-run notification systems update registered citizens on forest management activities such as helicopter pesticide application.

Private Forest Accord

Learn about the cooperative negotiations that led to new forest laws, which expand protections for fish and other aquatic wildlife.

Questions and Answers

Participate in the process. Ask questions about Oregon’s forest practice laws and regulations, and a forester or scientist will do their best to answer.