Public Notification

Public Notification

In 2014, the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) implemented its e-Notification system, also known as the Forest Activity Electronic Notification and Reporting System (FERNS), a web-based, centralized database of all forestry operations subject to ODF oversight.

The Oregon Forest Practices Act  (OFPA) requires forestland owners (or someone working on their behalf, such as loggers or pesticide applicators) to notify ODF at least 15 days before they begin forest operations on any private forestland in Oregon. Forest operations include:

  • logging
  • road construction
  • logging debris (slash) burning
  • chemical applications

For helicopter application of pesticides, forestland owners may need to notify ODF 30 days before starting the work. Information about the intent to harvest timber will be shared with the Oregon Department of Revenue to ensure landowners are paying the appropriate state timber harvest taxes.

3 people in front of forest on fire
Oregon residents can be alerted of forest operations such as logging, road construction and prescribed burns in their area. Photo courtesy of the Nature Conservancy.

Do you want to receive e-notifications?

Anyone can subscribe to receive notifications and updates from the ODF about forest operations through the agency’s Forest Activity Electronic Reporting and Notification System (FERNS). People who want information about plans for forestry work (or would like to submit official comments about the plans) can use the FERNS e-notification subscriber service. There’s also an option to receive paper notifications by mail. Annual subscriptions expire on December 31 and need to be renewed yearly.

To subscribe:

Subscribers to the e-notification system will receive email alerts and can view notifications, related maps and written plans. Public comments must be sent to ODF within 14 days of a filed notification with a written plan.

To receive a paper subscription:

  • Complete the subscription application.
  • Enclose a check or money order for the total amount, payable to the State Forester.
  • Mail or deliver the forms and payment to your local ODF office.

Paper subscribers will receive notifications by mail. Public comments must be sent to ODF within 14 days of a filed notification with a written plan.

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Register for e-notifications of helicopter applications of pesticides

In 2021, a new law expanded ODF’s system, FERNS, to include an electronic notification system for real-time communications about upcoming helicopter applications of pesticides (herbicides) to neighbors living within one mile of the planned application site.

Anyone may register their qualified residence and surface water intake to receive communications from the ODF about planned helicopter applications of pesticides within one mile of their home or surface water intake.

To register for e-notifications about planned helicopter applications of pesticides:

  • Create an online account through FERNS.
  • Register your home or surface water intake location
  • Provide your address/tax lot ID, or the GIS location of your surface water intake.

Once registered, you will receive email and text communications about planned helicopter herbicide applications near your home or water intake.

Learn more about e-notifications for helicopter applications of pesticides and how to register to receive them in this document from ODF.